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Air Purifier

Iguassu Waterfall Air Purifier

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Iguassu Waterfall Air Purifier

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Good Design, Hybrid Technology
IGUASSU Waterfall Air Purifier

World's first air purification system with waterfall-typed humidification The best choice for clean air and optimal humidity!!


Iguassu waterfall air purifier is an innovative hybrid product, which is combined with air purifier plus indoor fountain. Purifier eliminates pollutant in the air and fountain helps to keep the humidity at the ideal level.

  • 4 levels of filter system
  • UV sterilizer installation
  • Free from sick house syndrome
  • Differentiated style

World's first waterfall - typed air purifier

Water flowing down on wide surface
like waterfall effectively eliminates
formaldehyde which is a main cause
of Sick House Syndrome.

Proven to be safe - UV sterilizer

No worries for virus and bacteria in water(99.9% elimination). An effective and affordable way to combat indoor air pollution makes your life fresh and clean.

New concept of hybrid humidification

IGUASSU Waterfall uses the unique hybrid humidification method in which fresh air blows over the heated water, so that it increases natural evaporation to maintain the ideal humidified level.

♦ Six stage filters for clean and fresh air

  • Prefilter : removal of visible large dust
  • Antibiotic filter : removal of dust mites and germs
  • HEPA filter : removal of fine dust and bacteria
  • UV sterilizer : destroying virus in water
  • Deodorization filter : elimination of an odor and ETS ammonia and various gases
  • Waterfall-shaped filter : control of indoor humidity and factors of Sick House Syndrome
Touch sensor button : user-friendly and classy appearance
Automatic air speed operation : controlling the fan speed automatically on contaminant level
Timer : setting the operating time while asleep and out
Product Name :  IGUASSU Waterfall Air purifier
  • Model : CHA-500VH
  • Power rating : AC 220 or 110V/60 or 50 Hz
  • Power consumption : 40 W (heater: 965 W)
  • Air flow : 4.6 m3/min
  • Area of coverage : 29 m2
  • Dust collection efficiency : 90.2 %(Fine dust 0.3 μm≠)
  • Net weight : 11 kg
  • Deodorization efficiency : 76 %
  • Dimension : 486W x 386D x 737H (mm)
  • Noise : 45 dB

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